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Video: Lola Monroe – Stay Schemin Freestyle


Video: Wiz Khalifa ft. Lola Monroe and Juicy J – Oh Gee La Freestyle


New Video – Wiz Khalifa “Dessert”

Here’s the new video for Wiz Khalifa’s song “Dessert,” which is a freestyle over Wale’s “Bait” instrumental. The video features Wiz and the rest of his TGOD crew lighting up & chillin in the studio.

Prepare to hear more from Wiz as he prepares to release his second album O.N.I.F.C.


Pilot Sh*t

Chevy Woods finally gave us Taylors what we’ve been waiting for…his new mixtape “Pilot Sh*t” hosted by DJ Born One.

Click Here To Download

wiz khalifa concert

                                   June 12. The NorVa.

I admit, I am a new Wiz Khalifa fan – meaning I had no idea how lyrically advanced he was until I had the chance to go to his concert.

While waiting outside The NorVa, I could hear his music and the roaring fans shaking the building’s foundation. Everyone’s hype was starting to make me anxious to see this guy that’s just so amazing.

Wiz had two shows that night, one at 8 pm and the other at 11 pm, and as the fans from the first show stared to file out, I was shocked at the diverse fan base. People from 16 year old African Americans to 23 year olf Caucasions came out with permanant smiles plastered on their faces.

When it was finally our turn to be wooed by Wiz, my friends and I ran to the front of the stage. (Front row’s first come, first served). The night raced by filled with stategically placed strobe lights, a strong odor of weed, and beats thumping so hard that made my heart feel like it was going to jump out my chest.

WIz Khalifa went h-a-m at The NorVa and I’m super syked I was there to be a part of the ham-going! 😀