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Stephanie Cash

Stephanie Cash

RICHMOND, Va – Stephanie Cash is no ordinary student. While most students were planning their class schedule, Cash was planning a tour schedule. Cash has had the opportunities of a lifetime and is doing things many only dream of.

Cash is everything from an artist to a singer and songwriter. She was immersed in the musical scene very early in life. Her father was into music, which led her to take part in things that most people would kill to get the opportunity to do. Cash recalled a time when her dad had a job running sound for the band the Misfits.

“That show was so packed and in such a small venue. It got so crazy that the guitar tech had to hop onto the small stage to help security, so I ended up playing guitar tech for him for the night at thirteen,” Cash said.

Cash’s face settled into a look of nostalgia as she remembered sitting on her father’s lap when she was younger, singing along as he strummed the guitar. In fact, her father had a huge influence on Cash ever picking up a guitar and learning how to play.

Today, Cash has played numerous shows in her hometown. She has opened for bands including A Day to Remember and Between the Trees. Cash has also seized the opportunity to travel to Australia this past summer to perform for her newly acquired Australian fans.

“I’m pretty bad about knowing what to say when people compliment me or come up to me at shows … I hate talking into the microphone. I’ll sing you to sleep, but I hate introducing myself at shows,” said Cash, describing her seemingly “awkward” stage presence.

Kristen Healy, Cash’s best friend, begs to differ.

“[Stephanie] is quite the wordsmith. If you really listen to her songs, sometimes they reflect her feelings before she can even recognize them in herself,” Healy said.

Though Cash is no stranger to the stage, she will be performing in Richmond for the first time on December 11 at The Camel. She is looking forward to playing more shows in Richmond and she is currently looking for other people to play in a band with. Cash also has demo CDs available by request for distribution. Her YouTube page is

Some people like to sit back and watch life happen; they don’t engage or take any risks. Cash is not one of these people.

“I’m more than happy to just walk and wander around a city that I don’t know instead of staying on a resort somewhere enclosed. That’s more likely to drive me crazy,” Cash said.

Cindy Knapp, Cash’s mom, said the craziest thing they’ve ever done together is zip lining in Mexico. Knapp was apprehensive to try zip lining, but Cash talked her into it.

“That was some rush!” Knapp said.

Healy reflected upon Cash’s adventurous nature by describing their friendship as “reckless, adventurous and fun.”

“At an after party for one of Steph’s shows, someone a laid out a giant construction tarp on the side of her house in the yard,” Healy said. “We covered that b—- in dish soap and turned the hose on to get water running down it. My favorite memory of Steph and I’s friendship is sliding down that slip and slide together.”

In addition to playing music and engaging in spontaneous activities, Cash enjoys creating works of art.

“[The urge to create art] comes out of nowhere and hits me in the face and I just pour myself into it … I can’t explain the feeling of release creativity gives,” Cash said.

Jack Daniel's Lamp

Jack Daniel’s Lamp

Cash has created pieces that are aesthetically pleasing and encourages the viewer to see things through a different lens. One piece that is particularly unique that Cash has created is a lamp made out of a Jack Daniel’s bottle covered in what appears to be splattered blood.

“Stephanie is a very special person … She’s a great listener, better friend, and phenomenal artist,” Healy said.

-Shakola Walker

VCU School of Mass Communications


Smoker’s Club Tour – Richmond, VA

The doors opened at 7:30 pm, but we were there at 5:00pm.

It felt like me and Victoria stood outside of The National in the freezing cold for days. My legs and feet began to get so numb that I almost started to regret ever showing up for the concert.

Seconds passed, which turned to minutes, then to hours & soon enough, we were let inside of the venue where we ran to the front of the stage. The time it took to wait for the show to start seemed to last almost as long as the time we waited in the cold.

At around 8:30pm the lights began to dim and the first few artists came out. I really didn’t pay them any mind, because I was only interested in seeing the last three artists: Big Krit, Curren$y & Method Man.  Alas, me & Victoria caught shirts sweaters from the artists anyway.

Finally, finally, FINALLY, at long last out came Big Krit. He played all the songs I wanted to hear: “Moon & the Stars” “Country Shit” & “Glass House,” plus a few others. The excitement had barely died down in me when the curtains opened up to reveal Curren$y sitting on a couch (foot injury) spitting some of his famous verses. I could feel my throat becoming all the more sore from screaming the lyrics & yelling “I LOVE YOU CURREN$Y!!” ***dramatic pause*** Midnight rolls around & who else to appear but Method Man?!? Though  middle-aged, between crowd surfing, jumping around on stage, & dancing wildly, Method Man put on one spectacular show.

While Method Man was performing, he kept taking note of Victoria. It went from a comment on how loud she was screaming to him giving her his sweatshirt. Envious eyes followed the sweatshirt as Method Man gave it to Victoria.

After the show ended, me & Victoria decided to go to the artist’ tour buses to try & get a few autographs. We talked to this guy who said he was a rising artist & a friend of Method Man’s. We told him that we were trying to get his autograph & he told us to hold on while he went to tell Method Man. We seriously doubted that we were even going to see his face, but much to our surprise, Method Man walked to the front of the tour bus & waved at us to come on the bus. Me & Victoria anxiously walked up the steps of Method Man’s tour bus and took a seat. Method Man left us to talk to his friends while he went to look for a marker.

Later, Method Man came back & autographed the hoodie for Victoria & took a pic with her (I was entirely too timid to even ask for a picture). When it came time for us to get off the bus, he gave us each a kiss & told us to enjoy the rest of our night.

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